5 Steps to building a WordPress Blog on AWS for beginners

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This website is built by WordPress on AWS (Amazon Web Services); here I will give you some tips on how to start the process of making a website.

Why AWS?

I have many reasons to chose WordPress as my server, but the most critical one is “I just wanna use AWS!” As a person working in the IT industry, I need to know AWS, but just reading about it is not enough to get the practical skills I need, so I decided to follow the concept: “experience is the best teacher.” The following website explains how AWS disrupts the IT industry. (Sorry it’s only in Japanese)


Other pros and cons I considered are as follow:


  • Scaling out websites is easy. When an article makes a buzz and backs up traffic, AWS can flexibly deal with it. (Of course, there are more points you have to consider, but let me get to that later).


  • Building an AWS environment is far more tiresome compared with using a hosting server. AWS is now updating at a rapid speed, so you need to obtain the latest information every time you use it.
  • Probably, it’s costly. You can use AWS almost for free within the first year, but after one year, a hosting server might be cheaper (I will verify this later.)

Step1:AWS Setting

Just follow these steps for the necessary AWS setting:

  1. Open an AWS account
  2. Create an instance for EC2
  3. Set an Elastic IP
  4. Create RDS
  5. Set the connection from EC2 to RDS (*)

(*) AWS recently changed the setting, so you need to set the VPC property to build the connection between EC2 and RDS. More information at AWS Forums.

Step2:Link Elastic IP to your unique domain

There might be 2 ways to use DNS, one for using AWS Route53, one for using a 3rd party DNS hosting service. I need to use the Japanese hosting service to obtain my domain, so I used a 3rd party DNS service as well.

  1. Obtain my domain at Muu-Muu domain
  2. Change the name server (at Muu-Muu domain)
  3. Set the DNS server (at Muu-Muu domain)

Step3:EC2 Setting & Install WordPress

  1. Install some software on the EC2 server such as Apache, PHP, and WordPress. It’s better to change the default directory from /var/www/html/wordpress/ into /var/www/html/, so that you can cut some unnecessary directory like “wrodpress” on your URL. (You might change it later on, but it would be a good idea to change it at this time.)
  2. For the setting of Permalinks, you need to modify the Apache property like:

<Directory “/var/www/html/”> AllowOverride All </Directory>

Step4:Decide a theme for WordPress

Chose the “Simplicity2” theme, which is great for SEO. (Maybe will change later…)

  • Simplicity2
  • Xeory
  • Stinger6

Step5:Install Plugins for WordPress

Just install the popular following plugins.

  • SEO
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • Broker Link Checker
  • Contents Management
    • Contact Form7
    • PS Auto Sitemap
    • Table of Contents Plus
  • Etc
    • WP Multibyte Patch
    • EWWW Image Optimizer

I should probably create my logo, but it’s not cheap! So just created a super simple logo (low resolution) by using “Logo Garden“, which is enough so far..